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Below is a summary of recent G8-related media citations by the blog’s contributors:

The G8 Remains Relevant
Ruth Davis and Andrew Schrumm quoted
MercatorNet (Canada), 18 July 2009

China Lets the Cat Out of the Currency Bag
Commentary by Gregory Chin
IDN – InDepthNews (Germany), 15 July 2009

Is the G8’s Variable Geometry Sustainable?
Commentary by Ruth Davis and Andrew Schrumm
IDN – InDepthNews (Germany), 14 July 2009

China Speaks with Authority at Italy Summit
Andrew F. Cooper and Gregory Chin quoted
Reuters (US), 10 July 2009
     Also appeared in: Wall Street Journal (US), Forbes (US), China Daily (China), Gulf Times (Qatar)

Time for G8 to Grow, Let in Emerging Powers
Andrew F. Cooper quoted
Japan Times (Japan), 10 July 2009

Chinese Leader’s Withdrawal Knocks G8 Meeting Down a Notch
Paola Subacchi quoted
LA Times (US), 9 July 2009

G8, G20, G2: Quantos “G” pode omundo abarcar?
Commentary by Paola Subacchi
Diário Económico (Portugal), 9 July 2009

Day Two of G8 Summit
Andrew F. Cooper quoted
570 News (Canada), 9 July 2009

G8 as Multilateral Prism
Andrew F. Cooper and Greogry Chin quoted
Democracy Arsenal (US), 9 July 2009

Good Night, G8
Andrew F. Cooper quoted
Die Tageszeitung (Germany), 8 July 2009

G20 and Political Capital for IFIs
Video Blog Transcript
Brookings Institution (US), 7 July 2009

G8 Set to Tackle Hunger in Africa
CH-CIGI Briefing Paper quoted
BBC News (UK), 5 July 2009

Much Trumpeted BRIC Summit Ends Quietly
Gregory Chin quoted
Reuters (US), 17 June 2009

China Lays Road to Global Role with Economic Cement
Gregory Chin quoted
Reuters (US), 11 June 2009

Rebalancing Global Governance in the Afterglow of G20 London
Oped by Andrew F. Coope and Gregory Chin
Global Perspectives (Germany), June 2009

The Emerging Powers
Oped by Gregory Chin
The Record (Canada), April 2009

In Search of a Global Solution
Oped by Andrew F. Cooper
The Record (Canada), April 2009


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